IAU 29th General Assembly Meeting Videos

Daily Notes

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These links point to slidecasts, i.e., presentation slides accompanied by audio of the lectures. Some talks and lectures aren't included here, for one or more of the following reasons: (1) the speaker didn't give us permission to record and post his or her presentation, (2) the quality of the recording was substandard, or (3) a technical glitch prevented the successful recording of the audio and/or presentation slides.

  • Invited Discourse: "Rosetta and the Formation of the Solar System", Willy Benz
  • Invited Discourse: "Exploring the Young Universe", Yoshiaki Taniguchi
  • Invited Discourse: Kavli Speaker - "Exoplanets: Thousands of Worlds to Explore", Lisa Kaltenegger
  • Invited Discourse: "Spectroscopy of H3+: A Unique Probe of Molecular Gas in the Milky Way and Beyond", Thomas Geballe
  • Invited Discourse: "The Laniakea Supercluster of Galaxies, Brent Tully
  • Plenary: Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize Lecture: "Concordance Cosmology & Dark Matter: An Historical Approach", Jeremiah Ostriker
  • Plenary: Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize Lecture: "The Cosmic Microwave Background: Where We Are and Where Are We Headed", John Carlstrom & Lyman Page
  • Public Talk: "The Development of Modern Astronomy in Hawaii", Gunther Hasinger


  • 29th IAU General Assembly Opening Ceremony
  • 29th IAU General Assembly Naming Ceremony
  • 29th IAU General Assembly Closing Ceremony